7 Interview Tips to Help Get You Hired!

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There's a lot talked about on how to interview, how to prepare yourself, what to wear, and what research to do.  Books are written on the topic but most that need the knowledge will never read the book.  Knowing how to interview and what interview tips to study comes down to time and what you happen to find through a quick Google search on Best Job Interview Tips or How To Interview.

 What you are about to read is a distilled list of key areas developed by great recruiters over decades of working with and helping job seekers not only get offers, but to get the best offer possible.  Because, until you convince an employer to give you an offer, all the power is in the hands of the company.

Short - Sweet - To The Point!  Use this Interview Tips to help you get Hired!  

The Goal of the Interview?  To Get The Offer!

        1) Expect to fall in love with the position

- this will help you make the best first impression, by going into the talk with high expectations you will perform your best from the start and that gives you the best shot at convincing them to hire YOU.

        2) Chemistry is key!

- in today's competitive job market, most companies will interview several candidates that are capable of doing the job.  Both sides want to work with someone they believe they will enjoy working with and be successful with.  Looking for areas to build chemistry play a huge part in who is selected to be hired.

       3) Sell your skills

- this is an interview, so even if you have great chemistry you must still convey your ability to do the job and/or learn the needed skills.  A great method for doing this is the S-T-A-R method:

                Situation - start the story by a brief description of the situation
                Tactics - what tactics did you determine to be the right course
                Actions - what specific actions did you take to complete the goal
                Results - what were the results from your tactics and actions

       4) Ask Questions

- asking good questions in an interview helps to give you the information to make an informed decision on whether the role is a good fit for you or not.  Good questions also can build up your value in the eyes of the hiring authority, obviously a good thing.  Here are some good and popular questions to ask:

             a) What is the first project you want to have me work on?
             b) What do you want to see me accomplish in the first 60-90 days in the role?
             c) What could I do to impress you my first year in the position?

             ** Philosophy - You want to personalize the questions by asking "I" questions, this ties their response to what they want "You" to do.  They are telling you what skills you should be selling, and can do by responding 'that's great because I have experience doing that (STAR method example).  These questions open the door for you to respond with your experiences & skills to target the areas that are most important to the employoer.

      5) Tough Questions

- these are questions that tend to have a negative connotation or something challenging about your background.  The most common "Tough" question has to do with why you are leaving your current or last position.  Here's the formula for answering tough questions:

                <7 words to answer + >50 words on what you learned (STAR method examples)

               ** This keeps us from getting too wordy on a negative topic and turns the conversation to positive things you learned and leads the follow-up questions to be about your skills.

       6) Money

- the money question is pretty straight forward in today's world and it breaks down into two areas:
                     a) History question - what you have made in the past is a fair-game, verifiable question, be honest and straight forward.
                     b) Future question - "What are you looking to make?" is a question to be answered with something along the lines of "My focus is on the right role that will allow me to utilize my current skills and develop ones that will benefit the company and my career."  If you give a specific amount, you could either sell yourself short and leave money on the table or you may price yourself out of a position that you would be really excited about.

      7) Ask for the job!

- Wrap up the interview by conveying in a Positive and Committal way your desire for the job.  This is done by saying things like "I see this as a great role for me" or "This is exactly the type of position I am looking for" and "What is the next step?" or "When would you like me to start?"  You want them to know that you are both excited about the position and committed to joining their team.

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