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What does Jobs Near Me mean?

So your job search begins. Now what? Do you go to one of the big job board aggregators like Indeed or ZipRecruiter, is there a niche job board for your industry, like USGunJobs for example, that will delivery more of the types of roles & companies your looking for? For many they just type in "jobs near me" or "part time jobs near me" in Google and hope for the best.

What does "jobs near me" really mean? It's easy to think that the results will provide jobs in your local area. And that's often true, whether your logged into your Google account so they know where you are, or Google is looking at your IP address to determine you location.

The results from your search will generally show you three listed jobs based on your nearest city, there will be a link to see more job listings as well. Along with those specific jobs, you will see typical Google search results, most of them will be from large job listings sites targeting your city. Again, depending on what Google knows about you, the results could vary person to person. Even with Google knowing about you, the "jobs near me" search tends to deliver a general selection of jobs. Many/most won't be appropriate for your personal situation.

Jobs Near Me
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A better search could be "firearms jobs near me" or "security jobs near me" These searches will definitely deliver a more focused search for you to review. You'll still see similar search result format as before, but the jobs shown will be more pointed to what you are looking for.

But wait! I live in the suburbs. Google tends to target the closest large city when you search "jobs near me" which is fine if you live downtown, but when you don't the results can be further away than the commute your looking for. Let's say you live in Katy, TX on the Westside of Houston. A better search would be "jobs near me Katy, TX" or even better "firearms jobs near me Katy, TX" or "security jobs near me Katy,TX"

We know how easy it is to get lost in the rabbit hole on the internet. The faster you can find the jobs you are looking for, the quicker you can get back to your TikToc's & YouTube Cat Videos. Or maybe that latest rifle review you've been waiting for.

Search away, and remember, we'd love to see you on USGunJobs and hope you register for our Monthly Gun Gear Give-a-Way by signing up for Job Alerts that bring the jobs you want directly to you so you don't have to worry about "jobs near me" searches at all!


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