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The #1 question I get is about how to break-in to the gun business. Most of the time the question comes from someone looking for a sales role.

There’s lots of competition for those roles because so many people would like to work selling firearms, it sounds fun, you work with cool people (most of the time), having to study guns “for work” seems like a natural fit. BUT... how does any one person stand out? Well, most can’t. That’s because gun companies, like most companies, prefer to hire people already doing the job for a competitor.

Which just leads us back to the question “how do I break into the firearms world?” A person could apply at the local gun shop to do counter sales. Fun; sure. Financially rewarding, not generally. Those are retail jobs and pay a retail wage generally. The “good” jobs are working for a manufacturer or one of the wholesalers out there. There are good paying jobs, they do tend to be heavy on the travel side, but that’s just part of it. It’s rare that a person can break into the good jobs as a first step. Even if you have a proven sales background, you’ll more than likely be competing with someone doing well in the industry already or against a friend/acquaintance if the job even gets posted at all. Each a losing proposition.

The question remains - How do I get a job in the firearms industry? With all this bad news, I offer a glimmer of hope. There are roles that come up that won’t be attractive for most people. There are “commission only” jobs that are out there. Again, most aren’t able to pull that off or and not willing to accept that type of role which creates an opportunity for someone wanting to get in to the firearms industry. Now we have a new question, “how bad do you want to work in the gun business?” Now that’s a question you control. If the answer is real bad, then here’s the path you need to keep an eye out for.

There are different types of sales jobs within the firearms industry besides just selling guns. Think of a gun shop and what they have to buy. They buy guns of course. They buy ammo, firearm accessories (holsters, safes, optics, magazines, etc.), services (like insurance, credit card, marketing), and more. These other products/services can be a way to build a database of firearms contacts that you can parlay into advanced roles over time as well.

Check out this company offering a job selling to gun shops and it may be your path to break into the firearms industry.


I wish you success and hope to welcome you into this amazing industry!!

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