Antonio's European Vacation

Welcome Antonio!

Collectively we hope that you have a GREAT Vacation!  We are a little grumpy that you did not attend your own going away Christmas Party!  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

 You have now been given this assignment, as we expect (HOPE) you see the fun and participate!!


You are to complete as many of the following Hunt's as you can... the more you complete, the better your Coming Home Party will be!

 ** Many of them are based on the Secret Santa Gifts that have already been given :)


1) Enjoy a drink of Woodford Reserve Bourbon with a friend

2) Wear a Coach Hat

3) Enjoy a Locally Brewed Beer

4) Smoke a Cigar with a Friend

5) Tie-Up or Be Tied-Up in an intimate manor ;)

6) Enjoy a Lolipop (Sucker) with a Friend

7) Eat A Candy/Food Item off the Body of a Friend

8) Bring Home a Gift For Emma - we all know you drew her for Secret Santa casue she's the one that did not get a present!


** Rules & Regulations
 - Accomplish each Hunt as best you can, try to meet exactly OR come as close as you can
 - Hunts with Picture Proof are worth 3x normal!
 - We TRUST you to be honest when you tell us you've completed a Hunt
 - Notify Grand Puba Niemann with your accomplishments to be updated here